Planet is an integrated Express Courier for domestic and international destinations through its own organization and the partnership with the most reliable express forwarder granting the provision of services tailored to the needs of each customer, ensuring the best quality level at competitive rates.

Planet Courier network is organized in a capillary with direct and partner operation offices distributed in Italy and over 200 countries in the world, allowing us to guarantee to senders and recipients excellent services, with high standards of guarantee and reliability, managing shipments from pick-up to final delivery.


Shipments managed by Planet Courier can be tracked at any time and at any step of their journey by consulting our dedicated website system, where customers can get real-time information and up-dated answers to each request.

Planet Courier uses the most advanced IT tools to follow, monitor and update in real time the status of customer’s shipments of customers through the Shipment Tracking web section.

Planet is the courier that guarantees speed delivery speed to Italy including islands and in over 200 countries with delivery times of 24/48/72 hours. Our Operation Department provides fast delivery service at scheduled time, within 9.00 am, by 10.00 am, by 12.00 am (service offered according to destination).

Being able to rely on a dedicated express courier service that offers collection and delivery during the same working day, represents a great advantage for many companies that have to provide their customers fast and immediate solutions.

Express services Delivery times
Express 9.00 Delivery expected within 9.00 am of the business day following the withdrawal or on the first available day.
Express 10:00 Delivery scheduled before 10.00 am on the working day following the pick-up or the first available day.
Express 12.00 Delivery scheduled before 12.00 on the working day following the withdrawal or on the first available day.
Standard Express Delivery expected in the main centers by the end of the working day following the withdrawal or on the first available day. Urgent transport by road with dedicated vehicle and driver. Delivery as soon as possible or on a fixed day
Dedicated Urgent transport by road with dedicated vehicle and driver. Delivery as soon as possible or on a fixed day


Planet Courier deals with many international shipments cleared through customs every day, using its experience gained to understand the different customs regulations. As a result shipments are cleared quickly and efficiently.

For information and quotes you can call our operation office at +39 06 87120004 or send an email, filling in the form on the “CONTACTS” page with your data and your requests.


Our truck service is a reliable transport channel that allows you to deliver your goods to Italy and Europe.

You can count on a solid experience of one of the most reliable European distribution networks and on a flexible service able to adapt to your transport needs and timing.

To guarantee a safe service performance, all the vehicles used are equipped with satellite control devices and technical systems that pay particular attention to eco-sustainability.


  • Connections to all European destinations
  • Possibility of customized full loads
  • Management of every document processing


Transport and delivery of large volumes all over the world is performed at the highest professional levels for time optimization and flexibility of service.

Planet Courier always allows you to customize the service according to your needs, because we know that standard solutions often do not adapt perfectly to real needs.


Direct relation contact with the major airlines, with benefits that translate into more performing services and more competitive rates.

Specifically, the advantages can be summarized as follows:

First available flight to each destination


Preferential rates


Our mailing service is designed for corporate customers companies in need of a capillary distribution to domestic and international destinations.

Our dedicated service is not limited to mass mailing. It is a complex and complete process, made up of different stages of the supply chain, all aimed at achieving service in the most efficient way.


  • Receiving mailing list
  • Printing on customer’s headed paper
  • Enveloping
  • Postage with possibility of customization
  • Mailing
  • Delivery
  • Returns management


  • Certified process
  • Reliable and flexible service
  • Different options of service
  • Optimization of processing time


The logistics department of Planet Courier is structured to handle all your requests taking care of all the details of the logistics management process. Warehouse management, shipping methods, the safe storage of the goods, its distribution technology is organized with the aim to optimize time and contain costs.

Thanks to the integration between our departments, Planet Courier is able to provide a dedicated staff to manage your needs.

Our logistics process includes an integrated range of services:

  • Receipt and registration of goods in the warehouse
  • Assignment of stock positions for each of your references
  • Possibility to rent specific warehouse areas specially equipped
  • Receiving and preparing orders
  • Packaging and preparing the shipments
  • Management of shipment orders
  • Inventory management and handling
  • Possibility of insurance coverage


Shipping service for luggage and suitcases throughout Italy and Europe, ideal for those traveling on low-cost flights with pick-up at home, express delivery service at final destination. Protection of luggage / suitcases with extensible safety film. Call us to schedule the collection date at your address.


Post Office Management for Corporate customers is carried out with dedicated and skilled personnel. We take care of your Post Office and mail room allowing you to rationalize costs and processes.

Outsourcing management includes the entire management cycle of the post office:

  • Taking charge of incoming shipments and delivery to departments
  • Collections from each department or internal division
  • Registration and preparation of departure shipments by the departments
  • Packaging and preparing of goods to be shipped
  • Management of incoming and outgoing couriers


Physical storage of documents at appropriate facilities provided by us. A service related to the proper conservation and management of the documental heritage which includes the collection, cataloging, classification and archiving of original paper documents. The Archives Division of Planet deals with the outsourced management of paper archives, ensuring a strategic and efficient service in compliance with the current legislation.


The company has a professional, competent and personalized Customer Service, able to welcome and process every request for assistance, maintaining the flexibility of a department that always tries to personalize relationship with our customers.

Our Customer Service performs the following services:

  • Request for quotes
  • Information on delivery times
  • Domestic and international pick-up requests
  • Customs Clearance assistance, export and import, for international shipments
  • Management of dedicated services
  • Tracking assistance of shipments handled to international carriers by road/sea or air
  • Quotes and estimates for removals or exceptional transports
  • Administrative support
  • Direct CS agents in Rome, Milan, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo.


The waybill must be completed in all its parts to ensure a fast, accurate and safe shipment.

What is the waybill for?

The waybill (AWB) tells where your shipment is directed, what service was requested, shows the terms and conditions of the transport service and is the proof that you have sent it, providing you with the shipment number that allows you to monitor the web tracking, and telling the Customs what your shipment contains, facilitating and speeding up customs processes and helping to deliver without delay.

Advice on packaging

Before reaching the final destination, packages can travel thousands of miles through the international Planet Courier network, which always does its best to ensure that the packages are always delivered on time and in excellent condition. Packing goods with care and using appropriate materials ensures the integrity and security of your shipments.

The packaging protects your shipments

Good quality packaging is essential to protect your shipment during transport by applying packaging techniques. Here are some important valid principles for packaging goods.

Do not leave empty spaces, completely fill the box, inside always place the items to be sent to the center of the box, leaving them away from the sides or from the external corners. When you need to send multiple items in a single package, always wrap them individually and separate them with corrugated cardboard inserts or other separation materials. Make sure all joints are sealed with the H-tape method.

Shipping label: Fasten the shipping label firmly on the top surface of the box to be sent. In this way, the shipment will remain as long as possible in an upright position during transport! Would you like to know more? See our packaging manual.

Planet Courier allows you to manage your shipments efficiently using our technological solutions.

It is possible to exchange data between the Planet Courier information system and yours.

This service allows a high degree of control of the whole shipment process.


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